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The Beasts
Once more you come to the fire of this old man. It fills my old heart with joy to see you return so frequently, young friend. The thirst for knowledge has not left this world yet, then. Be seated, warm yourself at the fire and listen.
For today, I will go back further than before in my tales and tell you of the time before the Khadras-Tien. I have told you that the Immortals were the firstborn of Khadras and I was true in my words, for they embody his divine will to this day. They were created with intent and purpose. But they were not the first life that came into this world. For a long time, while the Great Shaper Whose Hands Form The World was bestowing his gift upon lands and sea and they were filled with his divine essence, life began in ways he never had foreseen, and he rejoiced. For what he created were four of the most magnificent beasts you could imagine. These four beasts truly were the first living beings to behold the face of Khadras and to walk his world.
All of them were
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The Melinae
Welcome back, my young friend. What I have to for you today is a tale of a people often overlooked. Mayhaps you know of the Melinae, the curious little people living in the Bay in the likeness of badgers walking on two legs. Perhaps you have even heard of their natural affinity for magic and tinkering with enchantments, a skill even the mages of the Arcanite Islands have trouble matching.
What you will not know is that the little villages in the Badger Valley they now inhabit are nothing but the faintest whisper of who they truly were, so long ago. The Melinae perhaps had the largest kingdom in all of Khadrasa, certainly as large as the counties and duchies of the Bay combined. It was hidden underneath the lands of the Khadras-Tien, in great caverns, where the only light came from strange stones and plants that are stranger still. There their cities were carved into the great stone pillars that kept the overworld from collapsing into the caverns below the surface
You look skeptic, a go
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Of the Unmaker
Back for more, are you? Old Fyndranos has more stories for you then. Sit with me and listen. Listen well, for I believe this knowledge should no longer be secret.
I told you of the birth of this world, and how Khadras brought life to it. I told you of the rise of the Immortals and their fall into slavery. But what you did not hear was the story of the lost wanderer. When we began our journey south, he did not follow the call of the Khaa, did not wish to go into the lands of the south. Instead, he set off to the east, alone. Along the looming World’s End mountains, he walked for many days and nights until he found a pass, high up in the mountain range. Through this hidden path, the Pass of Shards, he came upon a mysterious land, unlike any of the parts of Khadrasa you know. This wasteland seemed untouched by Khadras, barren and dead. Massive grey and black crystals broke through the ground, the sand carried by the wind smoothing them. In the center of it all, the lone Khadras-Tien
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When the Gryphons Left
It is good to see you return, for there is yet more to learn of this world. You know much about the Khadras-Tien now, but I have not revealed insight about their greatest allies so far. The Gryphons of the Ironbeak mountains, for the longest time, were both protectors of the young races as well as the flying mounts of the Immortals. On huge wings they cut through the sky, their beaks and talons able to rip apart anything that would dare to threaten them. Their size and might were legendary, as was their benevolence and wisdom. All races respected the Gryphons, hunting them or poaching their nests was a crime punishable by death. With them at their side, there was no threat to this world the Khadras-Tien would not be able to face down. So it was only fitting that in the final hours of the glorious kingdom of the Firstborn, the gryphons perished as well.
At the time the great passage into the Bay of Strive was carved by Kha-Tirsan, our explorers found a valley north of the Bay, home to f
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The Story of the Firstborn
So you have come to hear a story, is that it? You are in luck, my friend. I know many of them. You could say I know them all. Sit with me, share the fire and listen. But we cannot start just anywhere. To understand this world, you must know of its beginnings.
Before our time, long before life filled Khadrasa, it was barren and empty; a smoldering, bleeding rock of fire and ashes floating in the midst of the dark of the stars. Khadras found it, and he took pity upon it. The Great Creator descended upon our world in a flash of light and great upheaval. He brought with him the Godforge, and through it, he appeased the world. The turmoil ended and the great fires were sealed below the mountains. Lands formed where before there was only molten rock. Then oceans soothed the pains that were left. Khadras made the world green and blue, a pearl of creation. Life came forth and Khadras was pleased. But Khadras knew that his work was unending and he could not remain on a single world. The life he
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Heraldry plate besagew by GrimSheeper Heraldry plate besagew :icongrimsheeper:GrimSheeper 0 4 Badlands survey by GrimSheeper Badlands survey :icongrimsheeper:GrimSheeper 0 6
CM: Beyond the Fall 13
Following a faint green glow through the darkness of the bunker system, finally Joseph and Rick reached their ultimate goal; the command center of the Masako bunker.
"Turn the flashlight back on, we need light now." Rick calmly said as they stepped into the room, the shift in tone and scattered markers on the walls indicating a very large chamber.
As he turned his light on, Joseph let out a small whistle of surprised admiration.
"Say about AERON what you will, they knew how to represent…"
Within the cone of the flashlight appeared large screens that now lay dormant but must have displayed a myriad of information once. In front of the two, a staircase led down to a lowered cylindrical area with an even larger, slightly bent monitor screen made to fit the rotunda, the imprinted image weakly outlining the continents of the world on the dusty glass. All walls had a slight blue and grey tone to them, making the room look colder than it was.
"They had all the money and all the power in
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New Blood: Chapter 1
“Incoming!” 25-year-old Sergeant Sam Brody cried, “Get…”
An anti-personnel missile screamed by overhead and exploded behind him, causing a nearby wall to crumble and collapse. Brody carefully peeked past the massive boulder he was taking cover behind, only to be met by a hail of gunfire. “Torst!” Brody said to the muscular soldier across the street through the COM, “Did you see where that missile came from?”
“Yes, sir.” Corporal Jack Torst replied, “Just a few yards to our right on the roof of that restaurant. Looks like those meatheads are flanking us. We’d better fall back before they decide to fire another one of those rockets.”
Brody adjusted his half-face mask, “Good idea.” He said as more rounds ricocheted off of a wall, “Fall back to Position Blue. I’ll cover you.”
Torst broke from cover and made a beeline for their secondary fallback position. Brody broke from cover as well and squeez
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concept art2 by massimilianolucania concept art2 :iconmassimilianolucania:massimilianolucania 8 5 concept art 3 by massimilianolucania concept art 3 :iconmassimilianolucania:massimilianolucania 36 7 The title should be Aftermath by quellion The title should be Aftermath :iconquellion:quellion 3 7 another place by massimilianolucania another place :iconmassimilianolucania:massimilianolucania 2 4 Horizons - Classic by emailandthings Horizons - Classic :iconemailandthings:emailandthings 71 19



The Shaikan
The woolly winged Angel of Death, at your service.

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So, I'm home. Saw Clutch live on the 28th, was pretty ballin'.

Nix mehr mit USA für die nächste Zeit.


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